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Let It Rain Custom Graphics

Welcome to Kendra's Umbrella, your creative haven nestled in the valley of New Haven County, Connecticut. Founded in 2019, we embarked on a journey to redefine the art of visual storytelling through bespoke graphic design.

At Kendra's Umbrella, we believe that every brand, event, or individual has a unique story to tell. Our vision is to be the brushstrokes behind your narrative, seamlessly weaving creativity into every design element.

We are not an umbrella company, and we're more than just a design service. Under our umbrella, we offer a spectrum of custom designs tailored to suit your needs. From clothing that becomes a canvas for your brand to vibrant flyers that captivate your audience, we infuse creativity into every project.

What Do We Do?

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Kendra's Message

「私の創造的な贈り物は、まるで遺伝子の構成に組み込まれているかのように思い出すことができたので、私の一部でした。人生を振り返ると、過去の障害の中で、多くのものが失われたとき、その贈り物、私の想像力、そして働く手、 そうではなかった。


それは芸術と平和の賜物であり、私の精神を笑顔にしました。それで 私の手作りの作品を受け取った他の人たちが笑顔になることに気づき始めました。早送り、手作業で特別なものを作りたいという情熱、それは永久に使われるでしょう 笑顔を作ったり、思い出をとらえたり、メッセージを共有したりすることは、今でも力強く燃えています。


この人生で幸せを広める私の方法は、私の贈り物と 家族の集まり、子供、大人向けのアイテムを作成するかどうか、他の人と共有します バースデーパーティー、ベビーシャワーで新しい生活を祝う、スターターのための材料を作成する ビジネス、学習と楽しみのためにオフィスチームのメンバーを結集する、または誰かがどれだけ気にかけているかを共有するために特別に作成されたギフトをデザインする。







Contact Us
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text your inquiries 24/7 


call saturday/sunday 2 pm - 10 pm

(475) 239 -8180

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peruse our website or shop our online store 24/7

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I was very pleased with the different

selections I had to build my tshirt.

It describes me and fits my personality.

Very professional and detailed process, love it!

Herschel W.


Every time I do business with Kendra’s Umbrella I am never disappointed. She does amazing work!! I will definitely use their services again.

Kimberly P.


My experience with Kendra's Umbrella was great!

I ordered a shirt for my 30th birthday and it came out perfect...

just the way I imagined! Not only does she provide

good quality products but the service

was very prompt and professional. I cannot wait to

place my next order for New Year's!!

Dana T.

Trolls Font Themed Face Relief Custom Designed TShirt

I have bought several T shirts from Kendra and I was please with them. Kendra is very creative and professional. I would recommend her to my friends.

Sharon H.

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